Membership Requirements

Membership application is open to companies registered in Rwanda to offer tourism and travel services with the aims of encouraging quality, professional and responsible services in Rwanda.

Definition: A tour operator is defined herein, as one who makes arrangements for transport, accommodation, sightseeing, entertainment and other tourism related services for tourists in Rwanda.

  • All applications for recognition shall be addressed to the RTTA chairman  who will upon receipt direct the request to the committee in charge of entry and checking standard.
  • The following conditions must be fulfilled by the Tour And Travel Operator for grant of recognition, entry and being a member of RTTA:
    • The applicant for grant of recognition and entry shall addressed to the Chairman of RTTA , and submitted at  the secretariat of RTTA,
    • The Tours and Travel operator should be registered to carry out tourism business as a tour and travel operator and authentically registered with RDB
    • The Tour and Travel operator should have;
    • An office and address
    • Full time member at least two employees with one trained and experienced in tourism or related field
    • They should be with a minimum  qualification of  Diploma/Degree in Tourism and or related from a recognized university, or institution and a  CVs and copies of their notified testimonials/credentials should be attached.
    • The Operator should have minimum means of transport, at least one (4WD Car) ready for use and will be inspected by the committee.
    • The operator should have an office within Rwanda with  sufficient space for reception and easy access to toilets.
    • The operator should have a mechanism to disseminate  information like a website  to operate and reach tourism easily
    • The operator should have a risk mitigation mechanism in place
  • The recognition as Approved member shall be granted entry for three years and renewal every year on an application made by the tour operator along with the required fee.
  • The operator will be required to pay a non-refundable fee:  Registration fee 250 USD and $1000 membership fee per year.