Why Join Us ?

RTTA Members observe the highest standards of professional ethics and offer personalized services to in Rwanda and the East African region. At the time of membership the RTTA Executive Committee in collaboration with inspection committee closely examines each application, based on very elaborate and clear acceptance guidelines to ensure only reputed, experienced and honourable companies are allowed to become members of RTTA. All RTTA members are recognised by the government of Rwanda through Ministry of Tourism and RDB - Tourism and Conservation as well as Rwanda Private Sector Federation through her Tourism Chamber.

In case of any complaints against any of RTTA members, RTTA President and his Executive Committee efficiently look into the matter and herewith come up with further recommendations for action.

  • We adhere to Strict code of professional ethics, code of conduct and guidelines
  • Offer totally customized, reliable and professional services
  • Offer a complete package of tourism and travel services
  • Have indispensable experience and back up services
  • Are equipped with modern technology to accommodate you
  • Are allowed to join RTTA after systematic selection
  • Are recognised by the Govt. of Rwanda through her Ministry of Tourism in its attribution, RDB - Tourism and Conservation, the Rwanda Private Sector Federation and the Rwanda Tourism Chamber
  • Are accountable to efficiently handle complaints with a thorough customer care


RTTA members are connected to a vast business network that spans the tourism and travel globe. Membership is your connection to the packaged tourism and travel industry providing member companies with the tools needed to learn, link, network and grow.

RTTA members — here's the return on your investment:

  • Getting listed in the RTTA tours and travel members directory, RTTA website
  • RTTA Membership gives you the right to use RTTA Membership logo as a sign of reliability, professionalism and quality relating to your service users and increased possibility to establish business relations with reliable companies
  • Trade referral and representation to Government, RDB - Tourism and Conservation, Tourism Chamber, Rwanda Private Sector Federation, regional and international tours and travel affiliate websites
  • Membership Certificate, which can be used to negotiate special member discounts within tourism and travel industry
  • Representation of your needs and concerns to the industry’s senior levels of decision making for advocacy
  • Facilitation and information sharing on regional and international tourism and travel shows
  • Linking capacity development agencies for staff training in customer care and other needed training facilities
  • Information access on latest tourism and travel industry research and database and other matters of concern
  • Networking with a wider tourism and travel professionals for good tourism and travel practice
  • As a part of regular information and at your request, you will receive free advice about tourism and travel from members who are experts in tourism and travel
  • RTTA will follow problems in the work of individual members, integrate initiatives and proposals of all members and intervene for them with relevant ministries, bodies, institutions, associations and companies
  • You will be invited to participate in RTTA annual General Assembly meeting, to the meetings of tours or travel sections, work groups and or national tourism working group and travel committees in which you are interested. In this way you will be able to engage RTTA for your interest too. Together with discussion and extending or confirming your knowledge from professional and business practice, you will get new business contacts, exchange ideas, experience and learn how other RTTA members, global tourism and travel professionals operate
  • You and your staff will be able to attend RTTA´s seminars and lectures by tourism and travel experts