Isumo Falls

Have you ever heard about the Isumo Waterfalls? It is one of the most popular water falls in Nyungwe forest. The trail is 10.6 kilometers long and is moderate in difficulty – it takes about 4 hours plus to complete. On the way, view the amazing and beautiful scenery of the waterfall that is quite pretty you move through tree ferns that are quite impressive to look at and often you can spot the Ruwenzori Turaco birds among others.

The scenic safari to Isumo waterfalls needs arranger guide to be in position to give the details of some attractions including tree species, birds, valleys, hills/ mountains, primates among others. At the same time, we had entered Nyungwe National Park, which means that it is officially not allowed to use the fruits of the forest in any way. The journey through Nyungwe Forest takes you through muddy ground, cross wooden bridges – listen to noise produced by water moving at high speed and the noise always get stronger with the increased speed of water.

As you move nearer Isumo waterfall – descended to the river bed; the colour of the water remarkably clears dark brown, pretty much like Coke. Stand below the waterfall, with water falling down right from a gap in the forest above, with so much force it caused a permanent whirling wind through and a spray in the gorge. Lucky visitors can as well spot group of blue monkeys, colobus monkeys among others.

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