Red Rocks Cultural Centre: the spirit of adventure

The trip to Red Rocks Rwanda, a cultural exchange centre at Nyakinama village in Musanze district, has become a special one for me.

For sure, I always know every time I visit this quaint rural place, set in a serene environment, something fresh always beckons. And this is the right spirit of adventure.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Kigali, Red Rocks offers a contrasting serene and laidback environment where you wake up to the coolness of the morning and the nature is represented at its pristine with the sweet sounds of the morning singing birds to wake you up.

The village dawn prepares you emotionally for a creative day ahead.

But what is even more fascinating is that you are bound to find charming people who also feel the spirit of the place, even when they are visiting for only a day.

Tourists come here from different countries of the world and all of them normally agree about one thing: the service at Red Rocks is top class.

Best services at Red Rocks

The staff is quite agile; ever on their feet to provide you the best services. The food is great, whether you want to sample Rwandans authentic traditional cuisine, or you want to stick your taste buds to the food of your choice. You are going to be served what you call for.

Involving community

Red Rocks also involves the community in its operation and from this, many youths and vulnerable women continue to gain a lot from the centre.

The youth here are trained as guides from where they can chaperone tourists around the community, introduce them to home stay programmes, act as translators and be a link between the local community and the visitors.

Consequently, they in the process acquire valuable skills for their economic and social development, something Red Rocks has continued to stress on since its establishment in 2011.

The women in Nyakinama village, where  the Red Rocks Cultural Centre is located, also have something to smile about. Many of them are quite skilled in making of handcraft products, and at the centre you are going to find a small house at the reception where these aesthetic products are displayed.

They also demonstrate to visitors how to make these products, and many visitors always are proud to walk away with the products they have made by their own hands.

What about sampling a banana or millet beer you have produced? This is always one of the main highlights of a visit to Red Rocks Rwanda.

Walking within the compound itself is a walk through Rwanda past and its tradition. Cultural objects don the compound, strategically placed and labeled for easy introduction to Rwandans past.

In essence, it’s like a blast from the past, where you get the chance to experience the country’s past symbolized by its cultural artifacts.

Musanze district is the hub of tourism in Rwanda, hosting such attractions like the Virunga National Park, Volcano National Park, and the Musanze Caves among others.

You are going to enjoy your chosen activity like gorilla trekking and other activities like bird watching and mountain climbing. However, a retreat to the Red Rocks Cultural Centre is going to introduce you to a cultural experience showcasing the real Rwandan people and their past.

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