Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzee Tracking is one of the amazing wildlife encounters that you should not miss while traveling Rwanda. There are two tropical rain forests that host a good population of chimpanzees; Nyungwe Forest in South Western Rwanda and the Gishwati forest in northern Rwanda.

On a tour in Rwanda one should not miss taking a visit to the permanent chimpanzee playground – that is Nyungwe forest national Park. Located  a few kilometers from the gorilla park one of Rwanda favorite parks for primate lovers? A complete trip to see both gorillas and chimpanzees need a minimum of 4 days for one to be relaxed and joyful.

Nyungwe forest boasts a collection of the biggest, tallest tree species, rare animals and primates as well as the high exciting canopy that opens up the forest beauty to tourists in just a few hours. See over 300 different bird species, hundreds of butterflies and orchids, and over 74 different species of mammals – including 13 primates, with the confirmed sightings of Golden Monkeys. The park has countless wonders that can’t be missed by any one on a Rwanda safari. Guests to Nyungwe enjoy variety of exciting activities including, hiking, chimpanzee tracking, forest walks, canopy walk, bird watching and many others.

Some activities at the park require prior booking while others are booked at the park headquarters on the day they kick off. After enjoying the primate world, turn to the water world as well with a visit to Rwanda beautiful beach “Lake Kivu “ and experience the white sand fun as well as the endless water spots all day long. Socking your feet in water is one of the most done by tourists who fear swimming in the lake but love chilling under the sun and sand. The Island lake views and sun set make you evening memorable and adorable giving you reasons to revisit Rwanda.