About Rwanda

Rwanda presents to you one of the wonders of Africa with irresistible beauty and a virgin economy. It is famous for gorilla safaris and tours and wonderful culture in Africa. The movie hotel Rwanda presents the fact that the 1994 Rwanda genocide history is phased out of Rwanda. The economy is rising rapidly and the natives have left the past behind for new developments.

Quick Facts About Rwanda

Independence Day :  July 1st 1962
Religions :  Roman Catholic, Traditional
State Motto: ‘Umbwe, Umurimo, Gukunda, Igihugu’ or ‘Unity, Work, Patriotism’
National Flag: The colours are blue, yellow and green with the sun in the top right hand corner.

Language: Kinyarwanda, French and English are official languages
Physical  Features: Twenty three lakes, five volcanoes and numerous rivers.

Climate: Rwanda’s climate reflects the country’s location near the equator. Rwanda enjoys a tropical climate with two rainy seasons; March-May, and October – November, and two summer seasons. Average temperatures range from 24.6°C to 27.6°C.

National Parks: Rwanda national parks, Volcanoes, Akagera and Nyungwe, have a profusion of wildlife with mountain gorillas as the best tourist attractions. The gorillas keep moving to and from Uganda , Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda and gorilla trekking safaris are offered to these three countries.

Public Holidays recognized in Rwanda
1 January (New Year’s Day);
28 January (Democracy Day)
1 February (National Heroes Day);
Good Friday (Date Varies)
Easter Day (Date Varies)
7 April (Genocide Memorial Day);
1 May (Labour Day);
21 May Kamarampaka Day
1 July (Independence Day);
4 July (National Liberation Day);
15 August (Assumption Day);
1 October (Patriotism Day);
25 December (Christmas Day), and
26 December(Boxing Day).

On the fore fronts of economy, Rwanda is gaining considerably in the tourism sector. The national parks, mountains and lakes provide numerous habitats for a diversity of wildlife, birds and other safari attractions.

Hotel provide luxury and cheap accommodation to all travelers and the experienced personnel working their offer quality services. Indeed, a safari to Rwanda is truly rewarding!

Transport and communication section has built up standard road network from the different provinces of Rwanda to Kigali main stream.

The education system is improving starting from the grassroots far in the villages to the urban areas. The country is divided into administrative areas according to regions including Kigali province which embraces the capital city of the country in addition to the northern, southern, eastern and western provinces.