RwandAir shines in Nigeria

Rwanda Air

It’s not a month down the road as tourists and travelers to Rwanda and across East Africa celebrated the arrival of a brand new Airbus 330-200, named Ubumwe (Unity) that was brought to reduce challenges in regions airline industry for Rwanda Air. The craft stopped over at Entebbe international airport as en-route from France to Kigali at but excitement and joy couldn’t miss to join the celebration.

The craft welcoming audience included the Uganda minister of transport, diplomats together with some officials. As it touched the tarmac for water salutes, the airline chief executive Mr John Mirenge, officials and journalist where on board to experience its comfort. However, Rwanda Air has discovered air travel market in Nigeria making it one of its major traffic zones in the continent. The airline said despite the economic challenges, the market remains committed to the air travel sector. Passengers of Rwanda Air in Nigeria said that the airline has always offered them quality services as well competitive air fares that make it outstanding and trusted.

The Rwanda Air country manager also added that “last financial year was a good outing for the airline on the Nigerian route, as its revenue grew and passenger traffic was the highest in terms of growth in the Rwanda Air Network “said Mr Ibiyemi Odunsi, The successful operations of Rwanda Air makes it easy for its travelers to now travel with Africa and out of the African continent without making unnecessary stopovers.

This rewarding performance of Rwanda in foreign countries gives hope to many Africa travelers who visit multiple Africa countries for holidays and those to Rwanda for Rwanda tours still will find it even easier to connect to Rwanda’s capital Kigali. I can’t fail to congratulate Rwanda air upon its stable service delivery and I believe Rwandans, foreign travelers, the government and other well wishers are happy today for seeing this happen. Today Rwanda fly’s to Dubai, Asia, Europe, south Africa, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya Tanzania bring their services close to all travelers across the world either for leisure

Even Odunsi a Nigeria passenger’s confirmed that the patronage and commitment to the airline; she said it was time to give back to them with more quality services and competitive fares. The reality is in the open that Rwanda air has made travel across Africa cheap and affordable to those seeking for perfect most popular Africa destinations. Don’t let the ridiculous air fares confuse when you can do visit multiple Africa countries on ticket from Rwanda Air.

The flight will be very interesting if Rwanda is one of those countries you looking at exploring on your next Africa holiday. Did you know the country has the most adorable primates, landscape and plants? In an effort to find the fun travel holiday, why not book a Rwanda gorilla trip to see both gorillas and chimpanzees in Nyungwe forest. You will prove this right after tracking these cute primates and leave Rwanda with only fantastic memories.

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