Summer Holidays in Rwanda

Most travels in Africa sticks to wildlife national parks, capital city, sanctuaries, natural forests but end up missing out on the gems that are close by. Rwanda has variety in the tourism industry including the beautiful lake famed for sunbathing and water sports “Kivu”. This lake is charming and adorable for couples and weekend gateways  even for those seeking for a relaxing cool atmosphere after a long day in the forest jungle. The best part of it is that Lake Kivu activities suit everybody both the young and old.

Lake Kivu is just 3hours drive from Kigali and sited in a few kilometer distance from Volcanoes National park. The minute for water spots is fun and the first thing to blow your mind away is the beautiful islands that look as if they are always taken care of. The islands are many in number and appear joint to one another if viewed in a far distance but their attractive shapes and green vegetation provide the most breathtaking atmosphere for guest who come around for leisure and water sports. The sprinkled hotels that cater for all guests ranging from budget to Luxury make the lake and its island lovelier because guests get what they need in the right time.

Another thing that makes Lake Kivu special is the magical sunset which makes guests remembers all the special moments even after returning back to their homes. Here one needs to be close to the lake waters either on a boat ride or chilling outside your hotel in right strategic angles as you enjoy a cold drink. Watching the sun sink is one of the best moments for all tourists though photographers enjoy it more. Sometimes you may not take a photo but hardly take your eyes off it due to its striking colorful rays.

Once there the colour of the sky will make your day and even force you to take up another lake activity for more happy times. Besides you can’t move close to water and fail to deep your toes in the lake water and this prime lake islands are a home to different water bird species making it the birders paradise.The sandy beach that fronts Lake KivuSerena hotel aretoo calm and nice for sunbathing and chilling. If you are planning to get married abroad in an exotic beach setting, Lake kivu should be your first choice in Rwanda. But the most special magic moment that truly captures all your memories of your Rwanda summer vacationas well as the first day on the island, is the afternoon boat ride under a hot sun. Make it appoint not to miss a visit to the nearby islands on the lake together with a lovely hot spring.

From here you can continue to Democratic Republic of Congo for a Congo gorilla tour or visit other Rwanda attractions. The next Rwanda attraction that would highly recommend is Rwanda gorilla tracking and golden monkey trekking in volcanoes National park since both attractions move hand in hand. If tourists start from Kivu they end up in volcanoes either way which means a lot to those seeking for amazing things to do on a Rwanda tour. Tourist find it hard to leave lake Kivu wishing to have spent more days in lake kivu sand,& water environment that call for more stays but heading out for an Equally relaxing exciting adventure in the next town of Musanze add more value to any summer holiday in Rwanda. One can also try out other park activities like mountain hiking, Dian Fossey grave visit, birding and many more since they have also become popular in the recent years.

The two great Rwanda attractions can be visited in day’s trips Lake Kivu and volcanoes national park because they are close to Kigali. Other attractions to check out are Nyungwe forest the chimpanzee forest, Akagera National park Rwanda’s best wildlife viewing park and Kigali city. For those coming to Rwanda this summer, there is still plenty of reasons to stay for a few more days and explore everything the country has to offer.

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