Hike Mount Karisimbi

Planning to visit Rwanda Safari for Mountaineering Safari? Congo gorilla Safaris is offering Hiking Safaris to Mountain Karisimbi at the lowest price than that provided by any other Tour Operator that is offering Safaris Rwanda. Congo gorilla safaris is managed by a Tour Company called Ultimate gorilla expeditions the best Continue Reading

Ecotours in Rwanda

Would you like to experience Rwanda differently? Why not go on a tour through Rwanda’s ecotourism destinations. A Typical Itinerary in Rwanda Rwanda is one of the famous countries inhabiting mountain gorillas. With arrival to Rwanda city then proceed to Parc National des Volcans. Head to hotel for dinner and Continue Reading

Summer Holidays in Rwanda

Most travels in Africa sticks to wildlife national parks, capital city, sanctuaries, natural forests but end up missing out on the gems that are close by. Rwanda has variety in the tourism industry including the beautiful lake famed for sunbathing and water sports “Kivu”. This lake is charming and adorable Continue Reading