Rent a Car with Rooftop Tent in Rwanda

Rooftop Rental in Africa

Rwanda is one of the best destinations in Africa offering ultimate big five game experience, mountain gorilla encounter and other primate safaris. It is perfectly explored while on a self-drive or driver guided safaris using car rental Rwanda. Rental cars in Rwanda are available at affordable rates and they can be rented in most locations in and around Kigali capital city.

Self-drive tours in Rwanda provide the most flexible road trip experience compared to other safaris. A visitor becomes in charge of his or her road trip. With wide range of self-drive rental cars, a visit to Rwanda for a self-drive tour never leaves you disappointed.

Toyota Rav4 SUV

If you are in need of a cheap Suv to rent in Rwanda on a short or long-term hire then booking our 4×4 Toyota Rav4 should be a must-do. The features that come with Rav4 Suv range from FM radio, air conditioner, powerful steering, 3-5 doors with capacity range of 2-4pax. This Suv rental is compact in size and ideal for self-drive tours, city tours, conference/business trips, camping and others.


We have a range of Toyota Landcruiser rentals each offering ultimate Rwanda road trip experience to holidaymakers. You can book Toyota Landcruiser TX, Landcruiser TZ, Landcruiser VX each fitted with FM radio, MPS/CD player, adequate space, powerful engine and visitors can enjoy unlimited mileage.

Mini Van rental

Book Mini Van hire and you won’t return home disappointed. This is perfect for a little large group since it carries up to 7-14pax and best if you are headed for long-term projects.

Landcruiser V8 rooftop tent

Enjoy the best of Rwanda self-drive in a comfortable Toyota Landcruiser V8 rental. This is fitted with camping gear, 5 seater, air conditioner, diesel engine and you stand a great chance to enjoy unlimited mileage.  You can also opt for Landcruiser with double rooftop tent suitable for all your camping or self-drive trips.

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