Guide to Renting a Car in Rwanda

Rental cars in Rwanda offer amazing opportunity for holidaymakers to indulge themselves into Rwanda’s magical wilderness area. Car hire services provide ultimate Rwanda experiences and visitors have variety to choose their best ride. Our fleet of rental cars in Rwanda range from budget Toyota Rav4, Mini Vans, Sedans, Super Customs, Land cruisers with and without rooftop tents to coaster buses for large group safaris.

We have the most affordable rental cars in Rwanda, full-serviced, comprehensively insured. They are also fitted with lots of amenities/facilities/features all aimed at making your Rwanda road trip memorable. Some of the features you will enjoy when you rent our cars range from air conditioners, CD player, FM radio to adequate space in the seats and at the boot for cargo.

Toyota Rav4

Looking for a comfortable budget ride? 4×4 Toyota Rav4 is the best recreational active vehicle anyone on budget tour in Rwanda should consider a must to hire. Rav4 rentals come in compact sizes which makes them the simplest to manage unlike others. They are suitable for solo travel, self-drive, city expeditions, business trips or conference. Hire our Toyota Rav4 and enjoy incredible features ranging from FM radio, air conditioner, adequate cargo and leg room, MP3/CD player.

Land Cruiser Prado

Rent our comfortable Land cruiser Prados- full time 4×4 drive that come in medium size with a capacity of 6pax. Hiring our 4×4 Land cruiser Prado lets you enjoy amazing features that come with it and these range from CD/MP3 player, air conditioner, FM radio and many more. We have a range of rental Land cruiser Prado rentals suitable for family tours, self-drive, airport transfers, conference and others. They come in various models ranging from Land cruiser TX, Land cruiser V8, Land cruiser LX or rent Land cruiser GX.

Safari Land cruiser

We have the best Safari Land cruiser with capacity of 7pax. Our Land cruiser rentals for safaris in Rwanda are suitable for camping, airport transfers, family tours, driver guided tours and others. The amenities to expect to cross in this particular rental car model include 2 spare tyre, air conditioner, inbuilt fridge, rooftop tent and MP3 or CD player.

Safari Mini Van

Rent Safari Mini Vans for all your Rwanda holiday safaris and you be left in regrets. We have comfortable Safari Mini Van rentals in their medium sizes and they are suitable for sightseeing in Rwanda. They are available with a carrying capacity of up to 9pax with adequate space, clean seats, air conditioner, FM radio. Other than sightseeing, our Minivans are also suitable for game viewing, family tours, picnics, group trips or camping.

Super Custom

Find the best Toyota Super Custom rental for all your safari holidays in Rwanda. Our Super Custom rentals are available and carry up to 6pax, fitted with incredible features that your road trip unforgettable. These range from CD/MP3 player, Sun roof, adjustable seats, air conditioner and they are suitable for city tours, guided tours, airport transfers or business tours.

Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol rental is comfortable and available with capacity of 4pax. It stands out of the many rental cars because of its ability to tackle all kinds of terrains, its adequate space and other features. We have the best Nissan Patrol for hire if you are interested in wildlife viewing, self-drive or driver guided tour.

Toyota Land cruiser TX

Enjoy a Rwanda holiday only using a full-time 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser TX. This is one of our classic Toyota Land cruiser rentals with capacity of 5pax. It is fitted with air conditioner and available in manual or automatic transmission.

Land cruiser V8 with rooftop tent

Land cruiser V8 with rooftop tent rental offers ultimate road trip in Rwanda. This is available with camping gear, 5 seats, unlimited mileage, diesel engine and manual transmission.

Land cruiser Hard Top Extended

A Rwanda road trip is enjoyable while in our full-time 4×4 Land cruiser Hard Top Extended rental. It is an ideal choice for game viewing in Akagera National Park Rwanda. It is fitted with amazing features such as mini-fridge, air conditioners.

Coaster buses

Small or large group safaris, we have you covered with our comfortable Coaster bus rentals. These are available with capacity range of 12 to 28pax all fitted with air conditioners, mini-fridge, clean and comfortable seats for you to have ultimate Rwanda road trip.

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