Gorilla and Wildlife Tours in Rwanda

A   4X4 WD vehicle with a pop-up-roof and wide non-tinted windows that nicely open up. All your equipment will be packed in the vehicle so there is no need to worry that you may loss it to someone else’s property.  Since this is a private Photo-Safari in Rwanda the vehicle will solely be yours so you don’t have to worry about other people joining you in the vehicle.

Using a bean bag/a window mount you can rest your camera on for clear as well as steady shots of whatever will be in front of you whether it is the beautiful scenery, a Lion or a giraffe. A private English-Speaking Guide:  he will be very knowledgeable about the needs of any photographer and his only agenda will be to ensure that you acquire the finest Photo opportunities through this safari.

He will basically be Sensitive to your preferences and will drive the vehicle following your instructions to enable you have great pictures.

Private Nature Walks:  We organize private walks in several instances.  In this instance a visit to Volcanoes National Park to see the impressive Mountain gorillas.  Most times this safari will be accompanied by a knowledgeable safari guide conversant with the area, the wildlife as well as can be able to highlight some other things you could have missed out.

Our Rwanda tours are enjoyed by persons with a great interest in not just wildlife but photography as well, and encompass all levels, from amateurs to advanced professionals. Eco Tours Rwanda gives you a cheaper safari yet unforgettable and a once lifetime experience.

To have an amazing gorilla photography safari and tour in Rwanda, try your best to avoid subjects that are positioned in bright sunlight as the sun on their fur blows out completely and it is almost impossible to correctly expose this dark animals and its bright green surrounds in the same frame. Should you have no option but to shoot in bright sunlight, try for close-up images instead, avoiding as much of the green blown out vegetation.

Weather conditions also play a vital role when photographing Gorillas in Rwanda. Soft overcast conditions are the best. Do not be deterred by rainy conditions as these do expose a very different side of Gorilla behavior.

Make sure you are well prepared though with a default camera setting that allows you an adequate shutter speed in these darkened conditions as well as protection for your gear.

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